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Medical Aid for Palestinian Refugees

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” 


Towards the end of the year we will embark on an aid project to provide and deliver medical and other aid to Palestinian Refugees who have had to leave their homeland forcefully and are now living in refugee camps. 

Amongst other things we will be setting up medical camps inshaAllah for the vulnerable to provide basic healthcare to those who don't have such facilities. 

This will include medicines, medical equipment and setting up medical camps so the people can gain access to doctors and healthcare professionals and as a result vastly improve their quality and standard of life. Something we really take for granted in our own society. 

I am asking for donations for this aid that a group of us will personally be delivering inshaAllah. 

Rest assured that we will be covering our own costs inc. transportation etc so the money being collected here is solely to go towards the aid being distributed. 

We aim to deliver thousands of pounds of medical/non-medical aid and make a big difference to the life of these Palestinian Refugees 
Medical Care - Palestine
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Medical Care - Palestine

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