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The Forgotten people of CAR

Assalamualykum wr wb,

Jazakallah khayr for visiting my page, I have by the will of Allah decided to pledge £500 towards a cause that many of us are uninformed about. There is genocide happening in many parts of the world but how many of us knew it was happening in the Central African republic? This news is not amplified in the media brothers and sisters, therefore this cause needs to be dealt with. We are the ummah of Rasoolullah s.a.w, we do not allow silent massacres to happen under our noses. Our teacher, Muhammad s.a.w taught us to help those in need and want what we want for ourselves for our brthers and sisters too. If you claim to love Muhammad s.a.w then you would do what he loved and help his ummah, Charity does not decrease your wealth brothers and sisters. So please please please be generous, donate and share, change a life, help save a life, do what Muhammad s.a.w would do if he was alive... 

 Christian militias in Central African Republic have carried out ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population during the country's ongoing civil war, but there is no proof there was genocidal intent, a United Nations commission of inquiry has said.
"Thousands of people died as a result of the conflict. Human rights violations and abuses were committed by all parties. The Seleka coalition and the anti-balaka are also responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity," the inquiry said on Thursday.

"Although the commission cannot conclude that there was genocide, ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population by the anti-balaka constitutes a crime against humanity," the report said.
The final report of the inquiry, which was submitted to the UN Security Council on December 19, said up to 6,000 people had been killed though it "considers that such estimates fail to capture the full magnitude of the killings that occurred".

The mostly Christian or animist "anti-balaka" militia took up arms in 2013 in response to months of looting and killing by mostly Muslim Seleka rebels who had toppled President Francois Bozize and seized power in March the same year.

The UN Security Council established the commission of inquiry in December 2013.
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