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Eco Home for Orphans

Islamic Help have embarked on a unique, one of a kind project to build Eco Homes for Orphans.

There is 3.1million orphans in Tanzania!! A number beyond what we can comprehend!
Islamic Help will develop 16 children’s homes to accommodate 10 children and one ‘mother’. Each home will cater for the orphan children’s requirements. The building and structures are designed to be highly energy efficient and the adoption of green energy technologies. These homes will be located in the Eco Village, with its emphasis on sustainability and almost total reliance on green energy, the Children’s Eco Village will be truly innovative and self-sustaining.

We all know the famous hadith, where our beloved Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa Sallam said,
“I and the caretaker of the orphan will be in Paradise like these [two fingers]” then he held up his index finger and middle finger together [Bukhari].

This will be an amazing ongoing reward for you to invest in, Let this eco-home for orphans be a legacy that you leave behind which benefits you in the life hereafter, for every orphan child that lives in the home you help build, you will be rewarded for taking care of them, for providing them warmth and shelter, a place to sleep, to feel safe and comfortable, you will be the source of their ability to grow and develop. Donate today and make this a reality for an orphan child. 

You can watch a documentary about the Orphans Eco-Village and Eco-Homes here: 

You can read an information pack about the Orphans Eco-Village here:

Pleeeaseee donate. Thank you ^_^
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