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Kaasim and Amaan's Mount Snowdon Trek- Orphans in the Middle East

Assalamu Alaykum 

We are raising funds that will go towards the sponsorship of orphans in the Middle East.

This is for the innocent, vulnerable people that struggle to accommodate for an adequate lifestyle for themselves. Grafting for necessities that we take for granted like food, clothing and even just water.

The two videos below may help you to get a better understanding of this. Please note that the second video is quite distressing.

To do this we will be climbing the very challenging Mount Snowdon which stands at over a thousand meters high! This will be done alongside some individuals from our school, Challney Boys, on the 24th September. As we will be camping, we will leave Luton on the 23rd and return on the 25th.

We urge you to please donate generously as all of this goes to a very worthy cause.

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