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Akeel's Sky Dive For Africa- IHMPAI

In many ways when we watch, listen and read the news from around the world about children who are in need of help. Sometimes we don't particularly feel great empathy towards them in order to help until we are faced with reality. This is the moment, when you feel most fortuned and all that you wish for is to help as much as possible however big or small.

I will be taking part in a parachute jump from 16,000 ft. high, THIS! of course is undoubtedly a challenge to most however I am 100% capable and 100% scared...

I will be raising money for an organisation called Islamic Help which has helped a great deal of people whose lives have been afflicted by poverty. The money raised from this challenge will go towards supporting projects in Tanzania for orphan's education, medical, food, livelihood projects, water solutions, supporting schools and many more.

In order to take part in this exhilarating task I need to raise £500 in less than three weeks. A difficult task but one I am looking forward to. I kindly urge you to please donate so that collectively we can make a difference and reach those in need. Any amount (however big or small) will make a huge difference, put a smile on a child's face...

I will be going to Tanzaina as part of a deployment programme for Islamic help in order to support and deliver aid to poverty stricken villages and communities.

I appreciate all your support, thank you so much.

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