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Ian Yunus' Bungee Jump!

So once again I have been convinced to throw myself off something high up... But inshaAllah it is all for a good cause and what we are all doing can make a difference, any donations made are so appreciated you have no idea. I have seen first hand what this money does and it DOES make a difference! any contributions made however big or small are all appreciated! Anything is something.

November. A month of chills. And if you're up for the challenge, a month of thrills and spills.

Our Challenge Poverty campaign has got a series of events around the country to give you an adrenaline rush, from bungee jumps to a human slingshot and human catapult experience. Manchester, Chepstow, Birmingham, London, Windsor, Dumfries and Glasgow. And best of all - you'll be doing it to help people in need.

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Mission Possible

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