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The Haven Project

In August 2014, we travelled to Tanzania as part of the Mission Possible programme, where we helped to deliver humanitarian aid in the form of sustainable living solutions in a village called Matandu.

As part of our trip, we were given the opportunity to visit the Eco Village in Kisemvule, just outside Dar es Salaam. We had all read and heard about the Eco Village, but witnessing the beautiful scenery and experiencing the serenity in the area, was something we had never felt before. We were all fascinated by the concept that an area of land could be completely self-sustainable. We spent a day playing games and having fun with the 10 orphan girls who lived in the Eco House within the Eco Village, and also held a sports day involving the girls from Islamic Help's school. 

We were all deeply touched by the concept of the Eco Village, and we saw the incredible environment that the orphans were being raised in. Some of the girls had come from troubled backgrounds, but were now given the opportunity to be children again, and to be looked after so well and supported physically, psychologically and emotionally, supported in their education, as well as in developing life skills and integrating with society. We decided there and then that we wanted to raise the funds to build another Eco Home so that another 10 orphans can be given the opportunity for a fresh start in a safe environment.............. and this is when the next mission began!!!!

Thank you for your support,

Arousa, Leenah, Shaid, Shareen & Tahina

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Leenah Juwle 08 Jul 2018

In December 2017, we held our final fundraising event - a Quiz Night held at Al Bader restaurant in Birmingham to complete our fundraising. An evening filled with fun, laughter and celebration was the perfect way to end our mammoth fundraising task. A massive thank you to everyone who helped us put this event together and of course, to everyone who has continued to support us through every step of our journey. We now look forward to the next steps in this project, to see the house being built, and made into a home filled with love xx

£1,983.99 Offline Donation

Shareen Juwle 03 Jan 2018

Donation from Dr Selva

£30.00 Online Donation

Mark Brown 30 Dec 2017

A little extra towards your imminent target. Great effort.

£10.00 Online Donation

Dee Hawa 30 Dec 2017

To my beautiful nieces Shareen & Leenah and their project team, you set a high target on yourselves and inshallah tonight you will reach that target. Very proud of you all for making a difference to people in less fortunate situations than ours, may Allah reward you for your commitment and compassion. Love Dee aunty

£21.00 + £5.25 Gift Aid Online Donation

Anonymous donor 07 Dec 2017

Well done Leenah, Shareen and the rest of the team! Your hard work and perseverance has got you here. May Allah reward you all for this and more! Sending love from Canada x

£61.00 + £15.25 Gift Aid Online Donation

Shareen Juwle 14 Sep 2017


£75.00 Online Donation
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Leenah Juwle 10 Aug 2017

On 1st July, we held a Family Fun Day in Sparkhill Park. We raised a massive £945.34 in total towards our Eco Home. A massive thank you to everyone who donated items for us to use on the day, to everyone who gave up their Saturday to help us out and to everyone who supported us at the event and helped us to raise so much - the day wouldn't have been a success without you all!!! Xx

£681.84 Offline Donation
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Leenah Juwle 10 Aug 2017

During Ramadan 2017, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in a bucket collection for an afternoon. We raised £155.19 towards our Eco Home. A huge thank you to the Islamic Help staff for securing this opportunity for us!

£155.19 Offline Donation