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Hassan's Snowdon Climb For Orphans

On 23-25th September, I'll be trekking snowdon in aid of orphans around the world. I have a target of £200 which will be going through the Islamic Help Orphans Programme and rest assured that your money will be going to the cause and that no profit is being made out of this, a child is orphaned every 22 seconds leaving them without the basic necessities that we can sometimes take for granted, this programme will help provide:
  • An Education for children to study their way out of poverty and become leaders in their communities
  • Psychological support for children who have been victims of war, disaster or suffering
  • Extra-curricular activities in addition to studies to help them develop mentally and physically outside of school
  • Proper mentoring provided to children with emotional issues and any other developments
  • Providing orphans with proper health care, routine check-ups and immunisations
  • Adequate shelter arrangement either at an orphanage or with a family
Any donation is much appreciated and make sure that you take advantage of Gift aid if your are a UK taxpayer increasing your donation by 25% at no cost to you. To find out more about this project and where your money is going, please visit

Thank you for taking the time to donate to this project and I hope that all your efforts are rewarded InshaAllah.
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