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Hamza's Climb For Gaza - Scafell Pike Challenge


On Saturday the 5th of September, I will be climbing Scafell Pike to help raise funds for a much needed water Purification Plant for the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza, InshaAllah. My target amount to raise is £250. If you would like to sponsor, please click on the 'Donate' button and help support this mission.

Gaza’s main water source is its aquifer (underground water table) which is accessed by wells. However, contamination by seawater from the Mediterranean, which has increased its salinity (salt in water) to unsafe levels, and sewage which is pumped into the sea means more than 90% of that water is unsafe for human consumption.

Al Shifa Hospital is Gaza’s largest medical centre and the central focus of care during times of crisis. The hospital currently relies on 2 wells to provide it with water but salination has a dramatic effect on health care, medical equipment and procedures.

Following on from our successful Gaza 100 Challenge when our supporters funded a new water plant at Wadi as Salqa serving 9,000 people daily, our Water for Gaza appeal aims to build a £300,000 desalination plant at Al Shifa Hospital.

The plant will clean and purify the water, making it safe for human consumption, before it is transported via a network of pipes to the hospital. You can help us make this a reality by contributing to this cause and helping me reach my target.

Many Thanks,
Hamza Qamar

GA Water Purification Plant
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GA Water Purification Plant

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