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Islamic Help will be providing expecting mothers with everything they require for a safe birth.
Through the ‘Birth’ programme, we will be covering hospital and delivery costs and immediate aftercare costs such as sanitary items,
baby clothes, food and items needed for both mother and child.

ith the help of our supporters, Islamic Help wants to help as many of these mothers as possible to safely give birth, to know that
their new-born arrives into this world in a safe and caring environment.

We want to establish a system which can support existing medical infrastructure and facilities, and develop
a new one that caters to the needs of thousands of women and children.

Please support our Birth: Supporting Syrian Mothers & Babies campaign.

See how your donation can make a difference

£150 – Mother & Baby Essentials
£300 – Baby Milk for 60 Children 
£400 – 1 Week Premature Baby Care
£1,000 – Birth & Family Aftercare
£4,000 – 2 Caesarean Births & Family Aftercare
£10,000 – 5 Caesarean Births & Family Aftercare

Birth Campaign
All funds will go to

Birth Campaign

Emergency Appeal

Funds Raised

This project has now finished.

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