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Gaza Water Plant - £200 A Share

AsSalaamu Alaikum, 

we're building our second water plant in Gaza, this one is specifically for Al-Shifa Hospital, it's the largest hospital in Gaza treating more than 400,000 patients every year. Currently its water supply is basically sea water, its an extreme problem which needs to be solved and the water plant we are installing in Gaza will solve this!

The water plant costs £300,000 Alhamdulillah, we have already raised £200,000 we now need your support to raise the rest of the money. To make it affordable, we divided the water plant up into shares of £200 each. We originally had a total of 1,500 shares, there are now only 500 shares left as 1,000 shares have already been claimed on the day we launched this appeal! Claim your share today! Anyone who donates for 5 shares or more will have their name put on a plaque inside Al-Shifa hospital.


With 90% of the water from its underground water table unsafe for human consumption, Gaza faces a desperate situation, nowhere more so than in its largest hospital and medical centre, Al Shifa. Islamic Help is committed to constructing a new desalination plant that will provide clean and safe drinking water to the hospital and the tens of thousands of patients it serves daily

What does Gaza need?

Gaza’s main water source is its aquifer (underground water table) which is accessed by wells. However, contamination by seawater from the Mediterranean, which has increased its salinity (salt in water) to unsafe levels, and sewage which is pumped into the sea means more than 90% of that water is unsafe for human consumption.

Al Shifa Hospital is Gaza’s largest medical centre and the central focus of care during times of crisis. The hospital currently relies on 2 wells to provide it with water but salination has a dramatic effect on health care, medical equipment and procedures.

Following on from our successful Gaza 100 Challenge when our supporters funded a new water plant at Wadi as Salqa serving 9,000 people daily, our Water for Gaza appeal aims to build a £300,000 desalination plant at Al Shifa Hospital.

The plant will clean and purify the water, making it safe for human consumption, before it is transported via a network of pipes to the hospital. You can help us make this a reality from just £200.

We would like donors to contribute at least £200 each. Anyone who donates £1,000 can have their name or the name of a loved one on a plaque which we hope to erect either at the plant or the hospital.

All funds will go to

Water for Gaza

Emergency Appeal

Funds Raised

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