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Fakir Family's Umrah For Orphans Pledge

Can you imagine the reward of sending an orphan to Umrah? You can help me to reach my target of £400 by contributing however much you can to Obtain this reward. 

Islamic Help looks after more than 800 orphans in the Middle East as part of their orphan sponsorship programme. That number is growing daily.

As well as providing food, water, education, medical care and welfare for their daily needs, Islamic Help have launched a very special programme – sending Palestinian orphans on a blessed journey to Mecca to perform Umrah.

In early 2015, Islamic Help took thier first party of Palestinian orphans from Jordan to Mecca. It was the first time they had travelled to another country.

The journey was an experience of emotion and tears, with the youngsters describing a strengthening and renewal of faith, and excitement and awe as they entered Haram Shareef and performed Tawaf around the Ka’aba.

The group, accompanied by Islamic Help staff from the UK, also went to Medina Shareef to pray in Masjidun Nabi, the mosque of our blessed Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

The trip was also the realisation of a dream for their guardians and remaining parents. Already struggling against adversity, they could never have imagined their offspring and wards making such a journey to the heart of Islam.

To get a feeling of the joy and emotion of their journeys, please watch the videos. The short video is above and the video below is the full 25 minute documentary


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