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Emads Bungee Jump

Salaams. On Sunday 23rd November I aced my fears and Bungee Jumped from a crane hanging high over water!! YES I KNOW IM CRAZY. BUT AAH WELL ITS FOR A GOOD CAUSE. And yes that's me in the pic!! The money raised will be spent towards re building the lives of many precious children and families in Tanzania. We will invest in medical, educational, long term sustainable supplies and much more. I myself have been out to Tanzania to help deliver aid in August 2015 and I cannot stress the hardship the children and orphans out there face. Disconnected from the smallest of luxuries and right to a normal and serene life. With the help of my friends and the people that know me I aim to help make a difference so please dig deep and donate generously. Big or small everything is much appreciated. Wish me luck!!!

Remember this page was set up in hope that humanity can unite on common ground that 'WE FEEL THE PAIN' I really hope people can come together from all walks of life and rise to make a difference and raise as much as we can for these beautiful people.

For further info please contact:

Emad - 07707 212 613

Thank you for your time. May Allah swt grant you lofty station in Jannah (Heaven)

Assalamualaikum (May peace be upon you)
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