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Imran's Eco Marathon

In October, I will be running in the Bupa Birmingham Half Marathon (13.1 miles) on behalf of Islamic Help to raise funds and awareness for an amazing project - the Children's Eco Village.

I am aiming for 25 people to donate just £20 to complete this target insha Allah!

The Eco Village is an innovative and ground breaking project that relies almost totally on green energy. 

The Eco ultimately aims to:

  • Facilitate the children's growth in an empathic family setting that they need
  • Provide a secure base for their physical, psychological and emotional growth
  • Ensure their attendance at elementary school and support them to excel to higher standards
  • Help the children acquire economic survival skills necessary for a productive life as an adult
  • Provide holistic community-based care that supports them into becoming socially integrated adults in society.

"'The Eco Village that Islamic Help is building just outside Dar es Salam is an innovative and ground-breaking project that will provide security and stability to the most vulnerable in our society. This is an exciting venture and I applaud Islamic Help for its foresight and vision. Insha'Allah it will be a model village for others to emulate". 

His Excellency, former President of Tanzania (1985-1995) H.E Al Haj Ally Hassan Mwinyi

Set in 30 acres of lush green surroundings just outside the capital Dar es Salam, our Eco Village - when completed - will feature 16 homes, a sports ground, a playground, an Eco Mosque, a community centre, a library, a training centre and a permaculture farm.

Im aiming for 25 people to donate just £20 to complete this target insha Allah.
please support in whatever way you can :)

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