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Helping Gaza and Central African Republic

Please Help Us Make A Difference-Please Dig Deep and Donate Generously

On Saturday 5th September We Will Be Climbing The Scafel Pikes To Raise Money For 2 Amazing Causes

We are raising money as a collective to help 2 amazing cause which are children in the Central African Republic as well as to help with water purification plant in Gaza.

Gaza’s main water source is its aquifer (underground water table) which is accessed by wells. However, contamination by seawater from the Mediterranean, which has increased its salinity (salt in water) to unsafe levels, and sewage which is pumped into the sea means more than 90% of that water is unsafe for human consumption.
Al Shifa Hospital is Gaza’s largest medical centre and the central focus of care during times of crisis. The hospital currently relies on 2 wells to provide it with water but salination has a dramatic effect on health care, medical equipment and procedures.
The second amazing cause is to raise money for the central African Republic and help children many of whom have been orphaned by AIDS or violence.

All funds will go to

Water for Gaza

Emergency Appeal

Funds Raised

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