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Birth Campaign- Supporting Syrian Mothers and Babies

Salaam Alaikum,
I'm back asking you all humbly to extend your generosity once more but this time towards the Syrian refugees. We all know the situation in Syria is getting worse by the minute. We see young lives being lost daily, homes destroyed, but their faith, SubhanAllah, unshaken.

Hidden in the visage of turmoil, the miracle of birth joins the reluctant scene and it is for this reason that I am here once more asking for your help. I have pledged to collect £600 that will go towards the Islamic Help Birth Clinic. The Syrian mothers are in desperate need for facilities and services that will bring support to them from the beginning of pregnancy right through to care for after birth.

Now £600 is’nt much and there are many Syrian mothers to be that need our reassurance that their baby will come into this World safely against all odds. So please donate generously and keep the Syrian mothers and people in your duas.
Below is a brief breakdown of costs for the clinic. Once more Jazak Allahu Khayr for your kind donation it will go a long way Insha’Allah

£25- Provides a baby with milk for one month
£150- Provides mother & baby essentials (clothes and basic amenities) 
£600 - Birth and family aftercare
£1000- Contributes towards the running cost of the clinic.
Birth Campaign
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Birth Campaign

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