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Birth Appeal

Dear Friends,

UPDATE: Ramadan 2016 Mubarak! Thank you to everyone who has donated these past few months as I have completed a 48-hour fast and a 10 mile walk! I will be completing other activities throughout the year, so please do continue to sponsor me. Together, we have raised a fantastic £3,470! Let's see if we can get this to £10,000 by the end of the year! Thank you all again xx

As part of my journey to raise £10,000 for the Islamic Help Syrian Birth Appeal, I will be doing various things in the next few months , supporting mothers and babies in the difficult conditions of childbirth and aftercare in Syria, where many newborns and mothers die due to lack of basic medical care. Over the course of this fundraising, I aim to hold various sponsorships and fundraising activities in order to raise this money, but I can't do it without the wonderful and generous people in my life, and in turn all the wonderful people you all know.

Let me tell you a little more about this cause:

At present, many women in Syria are forced to give birth at ‘home’ – even in makeshift tents - due to financial restrictions and in circumstances which are unsafe for mother and child.

Many women are also unable to use hospital facilities, as they are unregistered refugees. The infrastructure in Jordan and Lebanon has been stretched to almost breaking point, due to the daily influx of thousands of refugees.

With the help of our supporters, Islamic Help wants to help as many of these mothers as possible to safely give birth, to know that their new-born arrives into this world in a safe and caring environment.

We want to establish a system which can support existing medical infrastructure and facilities, and develop a new one that caters to the needs of thousands of women and children.

Please support this campaign by donating today. The £10,000 I hope to raise could enable upto 5 caesarean births and family aftercare; it could provide premature baby care, baby milk and/or other mother and baby essentials. You will be making a huge impact on the lives of vulnerable mums and babies, and any small donation you make may even help save lives! Herein lies the opportunity to truly help mums and babies at this crucial time for both, when it really is a question of life and death...please donate today to support this wonderful cause!

Thank you and Allah bless you xx Farrah

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