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Bilal's Tanzina Project

Assalamualikum everyone,
I have setup  this web page in order  to raise donations  for my project in Tanzania to help  an Orphanage  and Eco-Village. Please take this opportunity  to contribute towards this project especially during the mount of Ramadan and reap greater rewards. I hope to spend 3 weeks in Tanzania in July as a volunteer at the Children's Eco-Village.The Children's Eco Village (CEV) is located in the Mkurunga district, just outside the capital Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and is a ground-breaking initiative which began in March 2012 to help and tackle the issue and make a lasting and positive impact of the lives of the children. The village was set up to provide homes for the most susceptible children giving them the opportunity to grow and develop within a healing and sustaining natural environment. Looking forward to your kind contributions, Insha Allah. Jazak Allah Khair. Bilal.

For More information, please go to the following web-page: (copy and paste on Google)
Eco Village
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Eco Village

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