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Bike Ride for Jordan

Islamic Help is organising a charity bike ride event to raise funds and awareness for livelihood issues in Jordan. I have decided join the IHelp team in a bike ride along the Rea Valley route in Birmingham. Not only is it a great opportunity to raise money for those in need in Jordan but I also get a chance to exercise! The money raised will go towards the Jordan deployment taking place in April 2017. Read below.
Renovation of refugees camps and homes:
Islamic Help has been on the ground in Jordon since 2009 and has been working closely with Syrian and Palestinian refugees seeking asylum there. A team of volunteers will be deploying to Jordan in April 2017 to undertake a renovation project for the poorest refugees and help them rebuild their homes. These houses are poorly constructed and insulated, as a result they have fallen apart throughout the years due to harsh weather conditions. Islamic Help is pleased to be providing life-long sustainable solutions to these deserving families.
Planting trees in Jordan
Islamic Help plans to plant trees near the refugee camps. This will help the surrounding areas by providing clean air as trees release oxygen and absorb harmful gases from the atmosphere.
Islamic Help is also providing support for refugee families to be able to earn a living for themselves. The support will be in the form of olive trees. Over 150 olive trees will be provided to the poorest beneficiaries so that they can harvest and sell the olives in order to make a living.
Trees for Change
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Trees for Change

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