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Rubana Bike Ride for Africa

Islamic Help is organising a charity bike ride to raise funds and awareness for those in need in Tanzania. So I decided to utilise my new bike and join the IHelp team in a bike ride along Rea Valley. Not only is it a great opportunity to raise money for those in need in Africa but also a chance to get fit! The money raised will go towards the Mission Possible Project. Read below.

Volunteer work is the core of virtually every relief aid organisation in the world. Mission Possible is a volunteer-based campaign introduced by Islamic Help that provides volunteers with the opportunity to get involved in charity work, however on a much larger scale. It goes that extra mile and takes them abroad for campaigning and fundraising purposes.

Our volunteers travel to where relief aid is greatly needed. They embark on a journey that takes them thousands of miles away from home and into a completely new country, where they team up with like-minded individuals and distribute aid door to door. As a result of their efforts, they can witness and experience first-hand the difference they have made by providing assistance to people in desperate need of their help. 


Where: The Rea Valley Cycle Route

Distance: Approximately 8.5 miles there and 8.5 miles back

Start point: Cannon Hill Park



All funds will go to

sustainable living

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Funds Raised

This project has now finished.

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