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Al Hira Educational

Al Hira Educational and Cultural Centre, Luton has pledged to donate £3,500 towards orphan care project of Islamic Help in Tanzania.

Orphan Care

Islamic Help's Orphan Sponsorship Scheme supports the most vulnerable of orphans – those with little support, caught in the throes of conflict and instability. We support orphans living in orphanages and those that live with family members or siblings.

Our orphan care program is continuously growing: Since 2010, the number of orphan children under Islamic Help’s care has grown from 100 to now 518 in different locations of Tanzania. This program has ensured continuity of the children’s education, ensured sufficient nutritional access to the children, proper health care, ensured physical, metal and social growth and also savings for the child and his/her guardian.

Our Orphan Sponsorship Scheme provides a comprehensive package of support to meet the needs of each individual child sponsored, including:

  • Shelter – whether living with relatives, friends or in an orphanage we ensure that the orphan sponsored has a roof over their head and the security and protection that they deserve
  • Food – we ensure that the child's nutritional needs are met.
  • Education – we ensure that the child has access to education, attends school or classes so as to enable them to read, write and access opportunities for future prosperity.
  • Healthcare – we ensure that the sponsored child has access to healthcare and medication according to their needs.
  • Welfare – we ensure that the environment in which the sponsored child lives is protective and nurturing and are in regular contact with their careers or guardians. Any issues affecting their general wellbeing are identified and dealt with. At all times we seek to ensure that their dignity and self-worth are honoured.

Our Orphan Sponsorship Scheme is a life changing opportunity for vulnerable orphans.

Please donate as much as you can towards this project.

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