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  • Leap of Faith Charity Sky Dive Completed

    Leap of Faith Charity Sky Dive

    As many of you may know,I will be taking part in a 10,000ft skydive in order to raise money for Africa. In order to do this, we would like to raise £500.00 for the charity to help fund for the people of Africa! This is a charity very...

    9 people helped

  • Orphan Sponsorship

    Islamic Help's sponsorship programme aims at providing a haven for orphan children to grow up and pursue their talents in order to become successful individuals and leaders of their community. Currently, Islamic Help is supporting more...

    9 people helped

  • Toys CAR Campaign

    I'm fundraising for the two Islamic Help refugee camps that have been constructed for people fleeing from violence in the Central African Republic. The money raised will help provide food, water, shelter, sanitation, healthcare and an education...

    8 people helped