Sadaqah and Sacrifice

Sadaqah is the voluntary giving of charity for the sake of Allah. It takes many forms, from a simple act of smiling or thanking someone, to the building of mosques or water wells. The voluntary sacrifice of an animal, as distinct from the obligation of Qurbani/Uddiyah during the days Eid ul Adha, is a sadaqah that not only expresses your thanksgiving to Allah but allows us to provide meat for poor and vulnerable families.

Giving and Receiving

A sadaqah sacrifice given with the intention of pleasing Allah carries immense blessings. Those who give will be rewarded, Insha’Allah, by the Almighty for their act as well as being the recipient of the beneficiaries’ duas. For the beneficiaries, already struggling against food security and poverty, it is one of the rare occasions during the year that they will be able to enjoy eating meat and have the comforting reassurance of being supported.

Serving the Poorest

Our sadaqah animal sacrifices are carried out in Tanzania, where we serve some of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. It is a country where, according to the UN, 80% of its 55 million population survives on less than £20 a month. We use goats that are selected, as at Qurbani time, in accordance with Shariah requirements (health, age etc). One goat can provide enough meat for approx. 30 people, so your sacrifice can feed several families.