Islamic Help

Emergency Food Aid for Kashmir

The first emergency food aid has been delivered to beleaguered families as part of our Jammu and Kashmir Emergency Appeal.

Thousands of people are struggling for the essentials of life as conflict and turmoil in the Indian-administered territory continues. The violence, triggered more than 3 weeks ago following the death of a pro-separatist activist, has so far resulted in 60 deaths and more than 4,000 people injured.

The authorities imposed a curfew and other restrictions which have choked supplies of food and other goods to shops and households. Deserted streets are a common sight, with some communities totally isolated, and the crisis has also hampered humanitarian efforts.

Islamic Help intends to deliver emergency food aid via its partner on the ground, the registered charity Mother Helpage, to families most in need. We also intend to provide medical supplies including a blood bank at a hospital and an emergency response vehicle. The need for blood has become critical with hospitals struggling to cope with the injured and wounded requiring blood transfusions.

In the first phase of our emergency programme, food packs were delivered to 150 beneficiaries. The aid work has been hampered by the weather, the curfew and the risks posed to the charity’s workers.

Islamic Help intends to deliver as much aid and support as it can to families in need. Please support our emergency appeal and help the people of Jammu and Kashmir in these turbulent times. 

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