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A humanitarian crisis has developed in Jammu and Kashmir where a crackdown by the authorities has led to a curfew amid worsening violence.

Thousands of families have found themselves struggling for food and basic necessities as restrictions have cut off vital supplies to the state. 

An explosion of violence following the death of a pro-separatist activist by security forces has created a humanitarian crisis with thousands of ordinary people struggling to access the basic necessities of life.

A curfew imposed by the authorities has strangled the flow of goods and supplies into Indian-administered Jammu Kashmir, leaving some communities totally isolated.

The current strife is the worst outbreak of violence in six years in the disputed territory. At least 47 people have died and thousands more are injured. Medical services are struggling to cope with the influx of wounded, including hundreds with eye injuries caused by pellet bullets fired by police.

It is the latest humanitarian crises in Jammu Kashmir where thousands of women have been widowed and children orphaned due to violence over the last few decades. Thousands have been displaced because of the conflict.

How are we helping?
Islamic Help is on the ground with a partner to deliver emergency food packs to families struggling to survive. The food packs, designed to last a family of 4 for a month, will be delivered door-to-door to those deemed to be most vulnerable based on a needs assessment.

FOOD PACKS: Each emergency food pack costs only £35. With families not knowing how they will sustain themselves against the current background, they will have the certainty and security of knowing your generosity has secured their food supplies for a month.

 (Photos show preparation of the emergency food packs for distribution) Each food pack contains: Rice (10 kilos); Flour (5kg); Oil (2 ltr); Sugar (2kg); Dhal (2kg); Dry milk (2kg); Mixed spices (2kg).

MEDICAL AID: We are also looking to provide a blood bank sited in a hospital and an ambulance kitted out to international and WHO (World Health Organisation) standards. The blood bank will be used for emergency transfusions – highlighted as one of the major areas of concern during the crisis – and the ambulance will be used to ferry critical patients to hospitals and transport blood supplies to areas of need.

These medical projects will help some of the most seriously injured and ease the burden on the health authorities. The ambulance will cost £30,000 to purchase and kit out. We also need to provide a doctor, a nurse and utilities for this vehicle at a running cost of £1,200 per month.

Please support the people of Jammu and Kashmir in their time of need. For updates on this emergency campaign, please keep an eye on our media pages here or our social media: FacebookTwitterInstagram

£35 – Family Food Pack
£50 – Medical Aid
£105 – Food Packs for 3 families
£1,200 – Medical Aid (monthly running costs of ambulance & blood bank)
£30,000 – Ambulance & Blood Bank

You Can Make A Difference!

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