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What you need to know about the CAR crisis

The current humanitarian emergency in the Central African Republic has left 2 million people in desperate need of humanitarian aid. The United Nations estimates that about 600,000 have been internally displaced (Nov 2017) and nearly 5500,000 people have fled to neighbouring countries (Dec 2017, source: UNHCR). Food and clean water are in scarce supply in many of the affected areas. Hospitals and clinics have been vandalised and looted and health care provision remains a priority for relief agencies working in the area.

How did it all start?

The Central African Republic (CAR) has a history of military coups and infighting. Ethnic and religious conflict has escalated over the years, plunging the nation of 4.6 million into a seemingly perpetual crisis which has had a huge impact on the stability of the government and its ability to provide essential services to the population.

The refugee crisis

iHelp’s Yelwa Camp

iHelp constructed a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Yelwa, in CAR. It features 200 family shelters housing 1,750 people, a health centre, communal kitchen, school for about 750 children, four water wells and 41 toilets and showers.

Many children have been left homeless

We have set up a camp in Cameroon for refugees from the Central African Republic. It houses 200 families (approx 1,500 people) in individual family shelters. There are facilities for cooking and sanitation plus a school and a mosque. 

 iHelp TV:  Real voices – real stories

Many of those who fled CAR have harrowing tales of their battle for survival. They have lost their families, homes and belongings. Hear the accounts of refugees like Idris Musa, who saw his family butchered in front of him, in this video.

YOU can help!

Every contribution will help us to ensure food, water, shelter and medicine are provided to CAR families in desperate need

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