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Islamic Help has launched an emergency appeal to aid those suffering in the aftermath of Cyclone Mora. We are providing emergency food packs and temporary shelter kits for families and the displaced.

Emergency Food Packs: Each food pack costs £50 and is designed to last a family for up to a month. It contains 20kg of rice; 5kg rice flakes; 2kg molasses; 1kg puffed rice; 1kg salt; 5kg of potatoes; 2 litres of oil; a dozen candles and matches; oral saline solutions (to treat dehydration after illness); 5 litres of water.

Emergency Shelter Kit: The emergency shelter kits cost £100 for the full components. It will allow families to put up temporary shelters with a tin roof and walls, and plastic sheets. Each kit includes 10 pieces of tin, each measuring 7ft x 2.5ft; 150sq ft of plastic sheeting; nails, ropes and other equipment to secure the shelter.

Water Purifying Tablets: These tablets can be used to make impure or dirty water safe for human consumption by killing the water-borne organisms that cause disease. Each pack costs just £5 but can help ensure that a family has safe drinking water for weeks.

Help the people of Bangladesh recover after Cyclone Mora. Donate today.

Islamic Help has been working in Bangladesh since 2007. Our team there not only provides vital assistance to locals but also to Rohingya refugees from Myanmar (Burma). Our work in Bangladesh includes orphan and childcare, education, provision of clean and safe water, livelihood and social support for the needy.