Bangladesh Cricket Academy
Our Cricket Academy for Street Children uses the sport to improve vulnerable youngsters’ lives.
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The power of sport

Since 2011, our Cricket Academy for Street and Underprivileged Children has improved life for hundreds of vulnerable youngsters by harnessing the power of the sport they love. With your support, the Academy gives orphans and street children the chance to realise their dream of playing cricket at a higher level. With an emphasis on non-formal education, professionalism and discipline, it also helps to steer them away from a life of crime and exploitation.

Realising their dreams

The Academy has earned a countrywide reputation for excellence – members of the national team have coached there – and its pupils have broken into professional or semi-professional cricket, and even represented their country. Two of the Academy’s stars have been teenager Mohammed Imran who has made it into the ranks of Bangladesh’s National Disabled Cricket Team, and Mohammad Parvez Ahmed – nicknamed Joy – who has broken into the national team structure.

Your donations change their lives

With our donors’ support, the Academy - at Saidpur – enrols 50 street children annually. It combines specialist cricket coaching and training with education to build their confidence, self-belief and self-esteem. It is a combination that brings purpose and respect into the lives of boys who may otherwise end up on the ‘wrong side’ of life and the law. As well as the chance for sporting achievement, it gives them the chance of a brighter, more stable future

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What's happened so far.

As well as producing potential sports stars of their country, the Academy has helped dozens of children establish the foundations of a stable and secure economic and social future.

430 Total children enrolled
8 Years active
50 Enrolled yearly
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This donation provides a child with cricket equipment.

This donation provides coaching for a child, for one year.

Sponsor a child's place at the Cricket Academy.
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Give a street child the opportunity to realise their dream by providing them with the chance to pursue their love of cricket and receive education.

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