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Children's Home and Community

The Eco Village in Tanzania by Islamic Help has been a huge success. The three-year project starting in March 2012 is nearing completion and already the results have been noticeable, thanks in large to the generous donations we have received. When completed, it will have 16 homes, a sports ground, a mosque (known as the ECO mosque), a community centre, a library, a permaculture farm and a training centre. In other words, the village will be ready to serve its residents.

Bait Ull Abb (House of Father) & Biat Ull Umm (House of Mother) 

Join Islamic Help's campaign to build an Eco House in Tanzania for Orphans. One eco house costs £60,000 to build. Islamic Help are aiming to build two Eco Houses, one Bait Ull Abb, House of Father and other Bait Ull Umm, House of Mother. 

Donate £1,000 as Sadaqah Jariyah in the name of your Mother or Father and once the Eco House is build, the name of your Mother or Father will be displayed on the plaque outside the house. 

One of the key beneficiaries of this project will be children who will be provided with proper living accommodation. As part of the programme by Islamic Help, these children will be provided with individualised care to promote the development, education and health of each and every child. It aims to provide a homely and healthy environment to aid children mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually..

Quick Facts about Children in Africa

The project is a small, but firm step by Islamic Help towards providing proper care and aid to homeless and orphan children. In certain countries, it is all too common for such young minds to fall into the wrong hands or become isolated from society to fend for themselves in whatever way they can. Islamic Help aims to change this by giving them opportunities and support. 

Below are some statistics regarding children living in the African sub-continent:

  • 53 million children live without parents
  • There are 3.1 million orphans in Tanzania alone. Almost a third of these are victims of Aids.
  • Orphan children are vulnerable to falling into the wrong hands unless proper relief aid is provided.

Islamic Help aims to undertake similar projects in the future to build more children’s homes for orphan children and affected families around the world.