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For refugee children, having to flee their homes means not only leaving behind family, relatives and friends, it is also an abandonment of one of the most important experiences during their formative years – education. The opportunity to learn and develop in a school environment is something which is snatched from them and, living in uncertainty, they never know when, or even if, they will be able to enjoy that precious opportunity to learn.

With Be One, we are aiming to provide an education experience for Syrian refugee children to give them hope and opportunity for their future. Our project in Istanbul, Turkey, will deliver formal education by qualified teachers to 240 children in a 6-classroom school, based on a recognised curriculum with added subjects in IT, the Turkish language and religious education. Every child has the right to education, so please help us to make sure these children do not miss out on this right in their most vulnerable years of life.

Food packs

According to a report of the British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN) in 2009 the number of people suffering from, or at risk of…

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Islamic Help’s Orphan Sponsorship Scheme supports the most vulnerable of orphans – those with little or no support and those caught in the throes of conflict…

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How You’re Helping

This Ramadan we are urging you to Be One with those suffering in Syria, with the refugees of Syria and the Central African Republic, with children, with…

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